Thursday, October 31, 2013

About emptying the cup

If cup is full you cannot add anything more to it. Mind is also the same. If mind is full of beliefs and prejudices and rigid thoughts you cannot welcome new ideas. You are not considered to be open minded. So to let new ideas enter your mind, one must have open and (little) empty mind. So long so good.

There is bigger problem than not having open mindedness. You are so open that you are ready to let any thought come in and permit it to cultivate in your mind. You have no filter. Dangerous! People are so obsessed with open mindedness, they seldom conscious about whom they are listening and what is going in their head.

I often hear people saying “Adjustment is necessary for living peaceful life”. Adjustment is OK, but compromises of values are unacceptable. Before few months I went to Japan for business purpose. It is quite difficult to get vegetarian food in Japan, and I am pure vegetarian. Someone tries to convince me by asking,”What will I do if I need to survive life in jungle?” Why the hell I need to survive in jungle. Idiots and their hypothetical world!

Just to prove they are team player, people easily do what is against their values. How coward. If your friend or team members do not respect your values and your individuality, they do not deserve you to be with them.

If some place is empty, it will become place where people throw garbage. Have something in your mind; otherwise it will be good place to store garbage.

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